Derrick Peters

Registered Migration Agent

MARN: 1175659

Justice of the Peace (WA, 29537)

Business (Start-up)  Consultant

Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations Consultant

         Derrick is a first generation migrant  and  has lived in Australia for 30 years. He has a Master of Human Resources Management from Edith Cowan University and an MBA from Curtin University. He is also the winner of Curtin University Meritorious Achievement Award that was presented to the top 3 MBA graduates in 2005.

Derrick has held senior management positions in medium to large Corporations for many years – including within State & Local Governments and private sector businesses. He completed his post-graduate degree in Migration  Law and Practices from Murdoch University  and is now extending his professionalism by working as a Registered Migration Agent and a business consultant.

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MARN: 1175673

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