Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457)

Please note that this visa is now closed to new applications

Transitional arrangements for applications lodged before 18 March 2018

Applications lodged before 18 March 2018Action being undertaken
Standard or Overseas business sponsorshipContinued to be processed
Nominations for existing 457 holders (i.e. change of employer)Continued to be processed
Nominations with a linked 457 visa applicationContinued to be processed
Nominations without a linked 457 visa application*The undecided nomination will be administratively finalised and the nomination fee refunded (no written request for refund required)
Nominations approved prior to 18 March 2018 cannot be used to lodge a TSS visa application*Sponsors may request their nomination be withdrawn and request for a refund.
Visa applications including subsequent entrant applicationsContinued to be processed

*For options of sponsoring skilled workers to address temporary skill shortages, please see: Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482)



​​​​​​​​This visa lets a skilled worker travel to Australia to work in their nominated occupation for their approved sponsor for up to four years. ​​

You might be able to get this visa if: you have been sponsored by an approved business you have the required skills to fill a position nominated by an approved business.

To apply you must:

  • be nominated to work in an approved occupation on the Skilled Occupation Lists
  • meet the skill requirements for the nominated occupation
  • meet registration and licensing obligations
  • speak vocational English
  • have been nominated by an approved business.